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A unique book of photography and poetry

kingdom of stone and water


Kingdom of Stone and Water grew out of inspiration in Hernán’s first moments in New York. He sees a magical connection between his home in the Chilean Patagonia, and the spaces shaped by manmade architectural spaces in NYC. He is deeply inspired by the sensations and visual impact of the city, and he perceived a unique relationship with nature that transports him back to his homeland in the Chilean Patagonia. 

Hernán Massenlli has spent years travelling back and forth between the Chilean Patagonia and New York City. He uses photography and poetry to explore the surprising relationship between the epitome of urbanity and the natural architecture of the Patagonia -- the human experience of space, and recreation of space.

The layout of Kingdom of Stone and Water reflects the book’s content -- exploration of contrasting realities, and interconnections produced by particular images. The pages alternate between New York and Patagonia as primary focus.

The layout is structured with a large vertical photo on the left page, accompanied by smaller photographs and poetry on the right.

The poetry of is directly related to the photography of each page, and weaves the images together through impressions and reflections on place and space. Hernán uses free verse poetry to explore this vision of New York and the Patagonia.

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